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We can appreciate adidas and Glossier as two examples of the intersection of culture and commerce—one, a seventy-year-old brand with a heritage of cultural immersion; the other, a brand less than a decade old that emerged from the culture itself—both extraordinary case studies of in-process co creation, both breathing the air of the culture to continue their respective journeys. We see a third way here in describing the broader picture of inprocess, and the lesson emerges not from a brand case study but from a cultural movement. The ability for a brand—or an artist—to create an experience, an event, where everyone involved is fully engaged and participating in some small (or large) way in its unfolding is worth exploring so we can distill some meaning out of it. Because it's big. And it's growing. As Millennials point their increasing purchasing power toward acquiring experiences rather than material possessions, we see an increasing hunger for the endorphin rush of unique, raw experiences—live events—that embrace cocreation in the moment and become meaningful not for their lack of flaws but because of them. Being live means there's no possibility of post-production or Auto-Tune covering up mistakes, which is the whole point. Do you get good customer responses when you're searching for SEO Consultant ?

You're there, in the moment, accepting what comes and participating physically and emotionally in the outcome. The numbers certainly support this movement. While the physical purchasing of music is down in double digits over the last twelve months, live music is now projected to reach $30 billion globally in the next several years into the mid 2020s, from live concerts to festivals to small-scale clubs and events. This is not just a provincial American phenomenon, either, with major festival sponsors leveraging their learnings from US and European roots to expand their reach into South America, Asia, and Africa. People want to experience unique moments, and live events are where these experiences happen. And, as Paul Schomer, the president of small venue “speed dating for music events” provider MicroSessions tells us, a lot of the appeal comes from the unfiltered, in-the moment, you-had-to-be-there nature of seeing it live. “Promoters are laser-focused, pushing the connection with the artist, with the ultimate goal being to convince fans that they're an integral part of the show.” MicroSessions itself is a product of this raw experience, with Schomer bringing both established and relatively undiscovered artists from different genres together in a house concert-typesetting, giving attendees an up-close experience of four artists or so in an evening. Does anyone know where I can find the best SEO Expert ?

From its home base in Austin, Texas, MicroSessions has expanded to New York, San Antonio, and Washington, DC, leveraging this trend of raw in-process experience. A simple search on Google for SEO specialist will give you what you need.

This desire to push the boundaries of unique experience goes well beyond up-and-coming artists to include some of the biggest names in music. Many headliners are looking to create unique, more intimate concerts and face-to-face experiences in nontraditional venues that leverage intimacy and exclusivity. Locations are secret and acts only revealed the day of a show, unorthodox presentation formats are tested, and emerging multisensory technology is trialed. Roc Nation artist Rihanna launched her 2015 single “BBHMM” to eighty trusting fans who signed up on streaming service TIDAL for a vaguely described exclusive event in Los Angeles. They assembled at a location and were then blindfolded, put on a luxury coach, and whisked to an exclusive venue where the artist unveiled her new video and spent the rest of the evening partying with her fans. The event was heavily covered in social media and by the fans on-site, with the new single and album exclusively streamed by the sponsoring TIDAL. Its like looking for a place to find the best Freelance SEO .

This event gives us a unique lens on how an artist can create a series of concentric rings of exclusivity: the eighty people who attended the launch event, their network of friends and contacts, all the way to the artist's fans on TIDAL who never even heard of the event but could still stream the new single—all come together to create a tight ecosystem of exclusivity and face-to-face experience with the sort of celebrity most fans would never encounter in such a unique setting. This represents nothing less than a systematic, planned shock to the system of fans already taken out of their environment and put in a highly controlled but still uncertain situation (they were blindfolded, after all) in anticipation of something utterly unique. And this shock to the system is perhaps the point: we're looking for raw experience and want to be part of the performance, so this is a necessary step. Is this a response to already overstimulated minds with access to every possible experience under the sun by virtue of an internet connection? Are we so starved for novelty that the hunger for a shock to the system drives us to seek out more extreme experiences? I asked where I could find SEO Freelancer but no-one could tell me.

Against the adrenaline-rush-junkie subculture, looking for raw experience in live music may seem tame. This isn't a bad thing. But it may signal a step down this path for the nonzealot looking for “the shock of raw.” Another angle to consider is a trend from previous studies, one we've called “The Pursuit of Nextness”—the desire to not just be content with experiencing an event first-hand but also being the first to share it. “It's like everyone is now a reporter, and they're all there to capture pictures and video in the moment,” Jennifer Sullivan, president of entertainment marketing agency memBrain explained in an April 10, 2019, interview with us. “You go to these festivals, and it's just a sea of phones. It's not that they're necessarily there to commune with the other people there . . . they're there to commune with the rest of the world and with people at home on their couches.” Consider that once upon a time, concertgoers would collect ticket stubs as their “proof of legitimacy.” Now, they collect metadata. The preceding example is merely a stepping-off point. Tiered pricing and VIP experiences are becoming mainstream, with varying degrees of up-sell opportunities for pre-or postshow meet-and-greets with the artists, tour sponsor product or service tie-ins, exclusive artist downloads, and more all on sale. If you're looking for SEO Services , you've come to the right place.

Don't expect things to stop here, either. As the public pushes for more such shocks to the system while looking for opportunities to be part of the performance, technology will help fill the gap both in terms of scale as well as in augmenting the immersive experience. What's coming next? “The last frontier of innovation, of course, blends technology with the live show,” Schomer explains. “While live video streaming of concerts has yet to really take hold here in the West, Asia has fully embraced the concept, with free and payper-view live shows engaging audience numbers in the hundreds of thousands and even millions for the most popular acts. Musicians in Asia get tipped in the form of virtual currency, e-gifts or e-flowers exchanged for cash by the fans. The revenue potential is massive—imagine if professional basketball players made no salary and just got tipped by thousands of fans every time they made a three-pointer, blocked a shot, or hit a free throw? ” We may be living in a digitally immersed world today, but more and more we see examples of a rebalancing, of a rehumanizing of experience, as we do here. This doesn't mean digital experiences have no place in this emerging live ecosystem; digital will always have a significant role by virtue of the fact that we're still culturally plugged into our digital footprints via social media and mobile devices during all of our waking hours. But we're seeing too many examples of digital becoming an overlay to the human connection to quickly pass it off. There's definitely something here, and it bears studying.